Trust What’s Certain

Few things in life are certain, even the kick start of my ‘77 Honda doesn’t always cooperate with me. That’s why I love when I find something that works, a service I trust. I trust my mechanic to get me back on the road when I’m stumped, and for an honest price. I trust my accountant to save me money, and I trust the best heating and air conditioning repair folks in Birmingham Alabama, Brown’s Heating and Cooling, for keeping my home comfortable. I can’t know everything, that’s why I like having go-to people I can trust. I go to my mechanic when my bike won’t start and Brown’s Heating and Cooling when my AC won’t run. It get’s me back on the projects I want to spend my free time on and back on the road.

When I first found my Honda, it saw better days. After some love and elbow grease, my 1977 Honda CJ 360T has become one of my favorite bikes. With its candy red paint job, almost cafe-style profile, and lightweight fixtures, she handles as good as she looks. The kick start, although not certain, adds a certain cool factor that no amount of leather or chrome can reproduce. Of course I ride for myself and to ride with others, but the compliments I always get when I’m out are nice too.

There hasn’t been a ride where she hasn’t heard some sort of flattery. A very affordable entry to antique bikes too. Models like these, older than 25 years but still kicking, can be found for less than 2,500$. Experienced riders are sure to have fun with it, but it’s also a great entry level motorcycle too. The 360 cc twin engine, provides enough power to have fun and develop good habits, but not too much to make it easy to lose control. I wouldn’t be surprised if Honda started making them again!  They’re reliable, for the most part, but I don’t worry about that too much because I know I have my mechanic to get me back on the road. It’s good having people you can trust.


Ride On,

Johnny Rice