How to have a great first date – Go for a motorcycle ride!

We all know motorcycles are cool. It’s one of the few absolute truths in life; water is wet, a grilled cheese tastes better when someone else makes it for you, and motorcycles are cool. They are also the perfect date machine. But not just because they’re fun and cool. There’s more to it than that if you want to have a unique and fun date. WIth a little planning a motorcycle ride together is a near foolproof date.

One of my favorite aspects of owning a bike is it’s compact nature. Now I’m not advocating trespassing, but I will say motorcycles can get you to places that cars cannot. I’ve parked along the side of small roads, little asphalt nooks and crannies, to get to places without parking lots. Fire towers, wild-flower spots, covered bridges, all motorcycle accessible and great dates. My compact two wheels can get out of the way, so I could explore areas four wheels are too cumbersome for. It makes for a great date. Going somewhere secluded will give you two the opportunity to talk and learn more about each other. And even the loudest chopper can tuck away and become part of the background. This applies to the country roads and the city streets.

Open country roads are great to tear up together, but parking on a sidewalk (legally of course) and squeezing between the spaces of cars for a spot always gives me a sense of satisfaction. Motorcycles are fun to ride, but I’d argue they can be just as fun to park! Your date will like the exclusive feeling too and not wasting time searching for parking. Not only is it easier, but you’ll most likely find parking much closer to your destination. Add these all up and only driving a motorcycle seems like the logical and sane thing to do, at least for a date.

However, as any rider will know, the destination is secondary, it’s about the journey, and your date will love that. All you have to do is ride. It turns a simple date to the movies or dinner to a memorable one. Plus you get to spend time close together, lean into turns as one, and share an experience. It’s a success on so many levels, it’s almost impossible to screw up. You can even get lost! In all my motorcycle riding I have never gotten upset about being lost, it just meant more riding together. Plus, you get to show how you keep your cool in stressful situations. Just make sure you are an experienced rider before you start riding with passengers. Once you feel comfortable, start with short trips before exploring longer distances. Now get out there and as always ride safe!

Ride Baby Ride,

Johnny Rice