The Biker Life Is The Life For Me

Every so often I am asked about my beard, tattoos, and leather jackets. Sure I may represent the biker stereotype but it is more than just an image or style. People tend to forget that this is a lifestyle for my fellow bikers. When we get on the road we are not climbing into a mobile metal box. We instead climb onto our mighty freedom thrones and speed off. The freedom that comes with the open road and the elements all being so close is what makes the biking experience worthwhile. I plan on retiring and traveling the country on my bike. I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do.

My first biking experience took place when my uncle decided to give me a miniature bike for Christmas when I was younger. My parents were infuriated with him for encouraging such a thing that they placed a speed lock on it. I could only drive  it up to 15 mph whereas before I could’ve taken it to 60 mph. Despite my need for speed and desire to get out on the road I still road around on a plot of land behind my house in circles. Although the landscape wasn’t as freeing as the open road, I still felt the bike underneath me powering forward and allowing me a comfortable journey through our yard. The pace was slow but it didn’t matter because I was already hooked.

Since then, I have been a bike addict and have purchased numerous bikes and have road thousands of miles all over the planet. My bikes have taken me everywhere I thought I would never be able to see. Growing up in a small town doesn’t do the world justice. I believe the best way to see it is with the road right in front of you and nature all around. I believe that cars are too isolating and that drivers should at least roll their windows down as life passes them by. All of my dreams were made possible when I started riding around repairing stucco in Orlando, FL on my bike.

– Johnny Rice