The Rides That Stick Out – Why I ride a Motorcycle

I ride as often as I can. I love turning my otherwise dull commute into something I look forward to. It’s one of the best perks of riding a motorcycle; you can transform the simple act of getting somewhere into an invigorating experience. While I do ride to get places, we all know that some of the best experiences come from the rides just to ride. With the wind whipping past you and the connection to the road and landscape; you feel in your environment, more in the moment. And this is why I ride; to really be in a moment, focused on one thing, and loving it. It’s a fleeting feeling achievable anywhere, but magnified by great surroundings and scenery. Snowcapped mountains and sunsets over the ocean are great, but aren’t they just a little better when speeding through them on two wheels? Which is why there are a handful of rides that really stand out in my life of riding.

One was while the sun was still out and bright, but starting to set, mellowing it’s color and casting a golden glow on the country-side. Cows grazed on green fields behind weathered fences. I was booking it down a road with no one else around me, free to ride comfortably. I accelerated into a hill, and came over the top to find a straight stretch of highway between amber wheat fields, all the more rich in reds and yellows from the setting sun. I came down the hill and road in autopilot while my brain absorbed my surroundings. The stretch ended and I was brought back to reality, but calmly so, and the calm lasted after the ride was over. There’s also something special about motorcycling on an island. It was on a tropical island in Thailand where I experienced the paradox of feeling limitless on a very small piece of land. While scaling its mountain there is ocean horizon in every direction, as far as you can see. My rented dual sport bike handled the steep dirt roads and potholes with ease. I zipped through the lush forest and banana trees along the road. It was easy to forget I was literally on the other side of the world. I soaked in as much I could. Afterwards, I was still vibrating from the long ride on rough roads, but again I felt a calm and appreciation for the moment. These memories never fail to make me smile and feel content with what I’ve done, but they also inspire me to experience more. I’ve learned these moments are everywhere, you just have to get out there and look for them, I recommend looking with a motorcycle.