The Thrill of The Journey – Motorcycles

Motorcycles have always been a passion of mine. Floating down the open road towards a destination known and often times not. Most of the negativity surrounding motorcycles comes from their apparent danger. Although having an extra metal shield around you would seem safer wouldn’t it? The truth is that most accidents are the result of other drivers paying poor attention to their surroundings. The pros of motorcycles will always conquer the cons for me and my team at aquadoma. We treat the motorcycle as a sacred journey through space and time that you can park anywhere and everywhere. These little machines are nothing to doubt. Their power, speed, and style will always leave a lasting impression on those who dare to partake in the journey that lays ahead in owning one of these beasts. Whether it be a sport bike, dirt bike, or a cruiser there are plenty of variations to fit any riders preference.

Riding through the desert was one experience I will never forget. I rode on my brand new Harley Davidson at the time (2013) from Irvine, CA to Palm Springs, CA. I decided to leave before the sun went down so that I could experience the ride at night in the desert landscape. I rode for what seemed like an eternity down dark roads surrounded by natures artistic expression. The moonlight lit the path as I rode through the cool crisp desert air. In these moments, you lose touch with the past and future and exist entirely in the present moment. My bike allowed for me to feel the gusts of wind as I passed over hills and through valleys. I saw tons of strange looking cacti that looked alien to anything that I am used  back home in Birmingham, AL.  

I still think back to that ride to this day as a time when I was totally at peace. Although motorcycles are “loud” and “dangerous” they can provide the most tranquil experiences. For repairing stucco in Orlando I wouldn’t want to ride anything else.

– Johnny Rice