What is Your Style? Motorcycle Buyers Guide

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, choosing the right bike could mean the difference in your experience with riding. When going to choose a bike you want to decide on something that is going to first and foremost suite your needs. You must think about what you might want to carry with you when traveling long distances. Cruiser models are perfect for carrying luggage and items along with you as you ride. One of the most popular kinds of bikes are dual-sport bikes. These bikes are made to withstand city roads as well as dirt roads and forests.

Another favorite in the motorcycle community are Harley Davidson’s. These monsters are incredibly loud and powerful. I remember walking through Daytona, FL and being deafened by one bike that was blocks away in the dead of the night. It was so loud and powerful that it made windows shake around me. I couldn’t believe such a bike existed or was even legal. Until this day I haven’ t heard anything like it yet. I plan on buying myself one as soon as my home owner’s association lets me. I do not think that they are prepared for what is to come when they do. 

If you want to speed through traffic and get from point A to point B incredibly fast then you need to get a speed bike. A popular model is the Ninja. This bike is notorious for its ability to weave in and out of tight curves while accelerating faster than anything in its class. If you are able to get your hands on one of these as a gift to yourself, nothing should stop you. The amount of customization that can go into this model is ridiculous and attracts fans from around the globe who love to compete with the style of their rides.